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Booking Fee

There is a flat booking fee of $79 per Applicant in order to book an Appointment with our agency. This Fee is added to the MRV fee and is applied to any category.

All fees paid to us are nonrefundable. We cannot make refunds when an application has been successfully submitted according to the terms and conditions outlined on the application form, which you agreed to when you submitted your application to UVA. However if you believe that we have not carried out our work according to the terms and conditions outlined on the application form please email us we are always reasonable and willing to help. We cannot refund MRV fees paid to agencies. To receive a refund for this fee you must contact the relevant agency directly.


MRV fee amounts for various Nonimmigrant applications are the equivalent of:

-USD$160 for (B1/B2),Exchange Visitor (J),Student (F),Non-Academic Student (M), Information Media Representative (I),Crew (C1/D).

-USD$190 for Temporary workers and trainees(H), Intracompany transferees (L ), Persons with extraordinary ability (O), Athletes, artists, and entertainers (P), International cultural exchange visitors (Q), Religious Workers (R).

-USD$205 for all E category nonimmigrant [Treaty Trader (E-1), Treaty Investor (E-2) and Australian Worker (E-3)].

DS-I60 Application Review

The Application review will cost $50, our team of experienced professionals will review your application and fix any errors that could result in a denial. Once you make an application with us it can be changed and re-processed free of charge for your entire life.

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